Dada Podcast Incubator

The world’s first incubator focused on women podcasters.

The Dada Podcast Incubator is the world’s first podcasting incubator that is focused solely on women. The Dada Podcast Incubator will run from April 26, 2021 for the next 100 days to platform the voices of amazing Kenyan women whose ideas and perspective scan resonate globally.

Introducing the force of nature that is the Dada Podcast Incubator Class of 2021

Announcing the Class of 2021

Our Why

 Dada Podcasting Incubator is important because we are convinced that it’s time to amplify untold stories. To reframe the narrative because at SemaBOX we believe there is untold power in a  story when one tells it in their own voice. We want each incubator to find their voice and give their audiences the fullest expression of themselves. 

Our Investment

  1. Access to a $15,000 in production credits to produce, record and package their podcasts  
  2. Technical support and high end production equipment 
  3. Capacity building training in Branding and distribution, production 
  4. Warm introduction to funders and collaborators whenever possible 
  5. Distribution and marketing support